About PAWS


The Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions (PAWS) collaborative promotes cost-effective, high performance window solutions for the nation’s new and existing building stock. The Collaborative includes government agencies and research organizations, regional energy-efficiency groups, utilities, builders and window-solutions manufacturers.

Mission Statement:

Through collaborative research and programs, PAWS will aggregate market demand, reduce product cost, quantify benefits, and accelerate the adoption of high-performance windows and window attachments. The collaborative will:

  • Coordinate market transformation efforts across five initial priority areas/working groups.
  • Share research, news and updates across stakeholders, including progress on how individual partners are advancing PAWS priorities through their own ongoing efforts.
  • Develop and maintain resources for partners to access in support of the PAWS mission, and identify research gaps to move the advanced windows market forward.

Join Us

Help transform the market for high-efficiency window solutions to ensure their place as a key component of our clean energy future. 

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