PAWS Working Group

Stakeholder Campaigns and Initiatives

The PAWS Stakeholder Campaigns & Initiatives Working Group partners with stakeholders across the residential and commercial, new construction, and retrofit sectors. To aggregate demand and accelerate adoption, this group engages in the development, support and expansion of education and incentive campaigns.

Strategic Goals

The goals of the PAWS Stakeholder Campaign Working Group are to:

  • Advise and bring additional value to existing stakeholder campaigns by recruiting additional parters and resources, and sharing best practices and lessons learned to increase campaign impact. 
  • Work with PAWS partners to catalyze new, broadly applicable stakeholder campaigns based on the efforts of other working groups to advance primary and attachment window product technology.
  • Work with other working groups to develop and implement strategic PAWS-led campaigns that aggregate demand and accelerate the adoption of high-performance primary windows and window attachments. 

Stakeholder Campaigns & Initiatives

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