The Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions (PAWS) collaborative promotes cost-effective, high performance window solutions for the nation’s new and existing building stock.

Why Windows Matter

“Windows are the poorest thermal components in the building envelope in residential and commercial buildings, impacting human health and comfort, and costing building owners more than $50 billion per year in energy costs.”

Marc LaFrance, U.S. Department of Energy


Manufacturers Weigh In On Why Windows Matter

Manufacturers see the market swinging in the direction of energy efficiency and want to ensure they offer what is in demand, especially if they already have products that could fit into that market and invest in its development.

Working Groups

To drive our mission forward, several targeted working groups coordinate market transformation efforts that delve into specific market barriers and opportunities for advanced window solutions. Each working group is designed to support goals and provide resources that serve as additional tools for market transformation across the collaborative. Working Group leaders and the PAWS leadership team will ensure these strategic interventions across the collaborative work to support its mission.

Ratings, Codes & Certification

This group works with stakeholders to support and create market transformation opportunities for high-performance primary and attachment window products through engagement in regulatory and certification processes.

Utility Program Collaboration

This group partners with stakeholders—including the Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC)—to support and create utility programs that inspire the promotion of high performance and attachment window products. 

Stakeholder Campaigns & Initiatives

This group partners with stakeholders across all building sectors to raise awareness and drive the adoption of high-performance windows by supporting, expanding, and developing education and incentive campaigns.